• Marissa

Review: Zuma


When you look at my feed you may notice a lot of mac and cheese, pizza and pasta. I tend to lean toward "cheat day eats" because, honestly, how can I resist? But, though it may be hard to believe, a life of burgers and cheese does get old after a while, and I sometimes find myself yearning for something more high end. Truth is, though our feeds may look a certain way, all bloggers have dynamic tastes and cravings. We may eat everything on our feed, but it's in no way the only things we eat. And just because it isn't something I usually blog about doesn't make it any less delicious, or something you may not enjoy.

So in this month's edition of "Treat Yo'self," I ventured to the Four Seasons hotel on Dalton Street to try the world-famous Zuma.

Founded in London, Zuma has locations all over the world in food cities such as Miami and Las Vegas. They have a Japanese-inspired and seafood-forward menu that makes it perfect for Boston. In fact, all of their seafood comes in fresh daily. The restaurant actually has four kitchens, in addition to the bar, making sure that each dish gets the proper dedication and concentration it deserves.

The menu is pretty large for such a high-end restaurant, which I love. They prove that they can do many things really well and want to please the customer's palate, instead of making them confine to the restaurant's. As per our server's recommendation, we started with the Kaisen Taru Taru Kyabia Zoe (salmon and tuna tartare). This presentation was certainly unique, having the tartare's separated on a wooden board, allowing the us to choose which one and how much we wanted. They were served with crunchy, airy crisps that made the appetizer surprisingly light.

In addition to the tartare we ordered the Age Watarigani (fried soft shell crab with wasabi mayonnaise). I'd only had soft shell crab one other time in a benedict, and it was great, but I hadn't really tasted it on its own before. When it arrived I waited for my friend, Emily from Boston Foodgram, to eat it first just to make sure I was doing it right. To my surprise, it was the perfect combination of soft and crispy, and the wasabi mayonnaise didn't overwhelm the dish at all, which was a concern. It was simple yet elevated, which seemed to be a theme as we continued our meal.

Salmon and Tuna Tartare

Though there was an impressive selection of red meat on the menu, we really couldn't resist the fresh seafood Zuma is known for. The back of the menu is filled with dynamic sashimi, nigiri, and maki, making our decision difficult. We opted to trust our server once more and told her we wanted sashimi, but to let the chefs choose what we get. Besides that, we went for the Watari Gani Maki (dynamite spider roll with soft shell crab, chili, and wasabi tobiko mayo) -- can you tell I'm now obsessed with soft shell crab? The sashimi came out first and it was beautiful. We truly tasted the rainbow with tuna, salmon, yellowtail, japanese seabream, sweet omelette, and fluke. It was great to taste these fish in their purest form, really appreciating the flavors of each one. The maki was also delicious with its simple flavors once again perfectly melding together to make a well-rounded roll. The crunch of the crab was perfect with the soft rice and creamy mayo.

Watari Gani Maki

Now let me tell you, we were unprepared for the main course. We read the menu item, we saw the ingredients, but we didn't really know what we were getting into. When we ordered the Ise Ebi No Oven Yaki (roasted 1 1/2 lb. Boston lobster with shiso ponzu butter) we has no idea the levels of tastiness that would be before us. Let's put it this way: I live in Boston, and this was the best lobster I've ever had. The lobster comes split open and drenched in this special butter. It was so mouth-watering that we could have sworn truffles were involved. The butter made it savory and rich yet didn't hide the flavor of the lobster. And the meat was cooked so well that it was soft enough to pick out of the shell with our chopsticks. This was a once-in-a-lifetime dish for me that I recommend anyone splurge on.

Ise Ebi No Oven Yaki

When it came to dessert, there were a lot of options from Cherry Blossom Mousse to Crunchy Takoyaki. So what did we do? We ordered the Zuma Deluxe Platter. Once again, we trusted the chef to give us a two of signature desserts along with seasonal and exotic fruits as well as ice cream and sorbets. We did want to make sure that we got the Zuma Chocolate Lava Cake though, so we ordered that separatly, too. The dessert platter was the most beautifully presented item of the night, and that's saying something. It comes on blocks of ice making sure everything stays nice and cool, especially the ice cream, which is important because it's going to take you a while to get through all of these treats. Ours came with the Green Tea Banana Cake, topped with caramel sauce, which is basically my perfect dessert (which I also may adopt for breakfast, shhh). The caramel sauce sank to the bottom which was perfect for making sure you got your preferred amount of sweetness. Besides the ice cream and sorbet, which we're unsure of the flavors but it didn't even matter because they were all bomb, we got the Milk Chocolate Tejina. I am obsessed with this presentation. It's molded into the shape of an Asian man pursing his lips and I thought it was both creative and hilarious. Also pretty fun (and maybe a little pleasantly awkward?) to dive a fork into. I also loved the mango in this dish that added that extra bit of freshness to a normally very rich dish.

Zuma Deluxe Platter

But alas, our favorite dessert of the night was the Zuma Lava Cake. First impression: We loved the branded logo which made you certain that this would be truly one of a kind. Then, we dove in. Now tell me, is there something more satisfying than seeing the sauce ooze out of the middle of a perfectly made chocolate cake? I don't think so. Unlike most lava cakes, this sauce was actually more like a caramel, which was perfect for me. Though they're delicious, I tend to only have a couple bites of lava cake because it just gets to be too much. However, this cake had enough different flavors that I couldn't stop myself from come back for more. And the ice cream it came with was so creamy and smooth, it was basically another dessert in itself.

Zuma Lava Cake

At the end of the day, Emily and I left with our bellies full and huge smiles on our faces. Though this was definitely more high end than I'm used to, it was incredible and I truly believe everyone deserves a meal like this. Food brings an inexpiable happiness, and sometimes being happy is worth a little splurge.