• Marissa

Review: Easy Pie

Updated: May 27, 2019

Bangkok Pizza

It's not often I venture outside of the T lines. You see, I'm one of the few carless twenty-somethings bound by a Charlie Card, unless I want to beg my boyfriend to drive me to and fro. So lucky for you, that means most of my restaurant recommendations are in the Boston area. And also lucky for you, that means when I do venture outside of Beantown, it's for something really, really good.

"Have you heard of Easy Pie in Revere?" My friend Kelsey texted me.

"I haven't! Is it good?"

"Lots of good, creative comfort food... and a giant tot menu!"

*sends me a picture of a giant tater tot smothered in mac and cheese*

"We didn't order one, but I asked to get a pic of someone else's just for you."

True friends know when friends need to have a ginormous tater tot. And true friends know that said friend needs pictures.

Fast forward a few days to the weekend, when I turned on Phantom Gourmet to start my morning. As I munching on leftovers from the night before (what diet?) I see a tater tot log pan across my television screen. As if by divine intervention, the restaurant Kelsey just texted me about was on one of my favorite food shows, displaying all of the incredible pizzas and burgers I could handle. I popped up and grabbed my laptop, knowing I had to reach out immediately to get ahead of the hype. What I got back was an friendly email from the owner, Spiros, who was excited to work with me, and a phone number to text him about the details.

Fast forward again to the day of the restaurant visit, when my boyfriend and I rolled up to a small restaurant next to a Harley Davidson dealership. From the outside, Easy Pies is eye-catching. The two crossed knives definitely make me wonder what's inside and "EASY PIES" in brightly lit block letters are a beautiful beacon. Once inside you could see there were only a few tables and a small bar, but the atmosphere was warm and inviting. It's clean and cool but also approachable and relaxed. Everyone had a friendliness that you just don't get when inside of the city.

We asked our server what to get for drinks and he suggested the Cider House Rules and the Cereal Killer. "It's meant to taste like that delicious, sugary cereal milk after a bowl of Lucky Charms," he said about the Cereal Killer. I was sold.

Cereal Killer

Both drinks were delicious, but I've never gotten so many questions about what I was drinking than when the Cereal Killer came to our table. Several customers wanted to know what the fruity pebble-rimed drink was and everyone had a smile on their face when looking at it. It was childhood in a glass!

Then Spiros came over to give us some food suggestions, which he said was hard because he genuinely loves everything on the menu. Of course we knew we had to get pizza, given the name of the restaurant, and Spiros said both the Bangkok and Sweet Chili Bang were excellent choices.

When they came out of the oven I was in love with the thick crust. It's the type of pizza where you can't really tell where the crust starts and ends as it carries that thickness all the way through. "Creating the crust was a challenge," explained Sprios, "We had to create something that could hold just the simple toppings on the Classic Margarita, as well as the heavy stuff, like the mashed potatoes, chicken and bacon on the Fully Loaded." The result was a hearty pie that's full of flavor. Though I technically ordered the Bangkok and Adam the Chili Bang, we both favored the other's choice. I loved the Chili Bang because of the delicious combo of sweet and savory toppings. Adam loved the crunchy peanuts on the Bangkok that added a complex texture to the pie.

Sweet Chili Bang

What's really great about this restaurant is the amount of fun on the menu. For example, the next dish we ordered was the Sin-A-Burger, and what a sin it was. Instead of burger buns it had two massive, seared cinnamon rolls holding together a juicy beef patty. And honestly, we didn't even know what to think when it came out. We hesitantly took a knife and fork to this masterpiece (because this is NOT a burger you pick up with your hands) and took a small bite. Wow. Wow. It's such a fascinating flavor combination, it's actually hard to describe. I mean, speaking of savory and sweet, this was the motherlode. You have to be open minded to order something like this, but if you're brave enough, it's the ultimate indulgence. If you want to try something that you can't get anywhere else, this is the dish to get.


Now here's the real reason we came to Easy Pies: MONSTAH TOTS. That's right. Read that again. They serve single taters tots here that are as big as your hand, and although it's probably to share, I would eat five of these all on my own. Crispy on the outside and so soft on the inside, I'd say it was more like a cross between the shredded tot and fried mashed potatoes. If that wasn't enough to pique your interest, they're topped with everything from Kraft mac and cheese (and yes, they say Kraft on the menu!) to house-made chili to honey mustard chicken. Everything we had at Easy Pies was delicious, but the Gangsta Tot was the best thing we had all day.

Gangsta Tot

When it came time for dessert, we couldn't have been more excited. At a place named Easy Pies you might think that apple, peach, or cherry pie would have made it on to the menu. Wrong. The "pies" refer to pizza pies, and they have a whole part of the menu dedicated to dessert. We were torn between S'mores and Peanut Butter Cup but we were swayed by our server to go for the latter given that Adam is a peanut butter fanatic. Smothered in nutella, authentic Reese's peanut butter, and topped with nutter butter crumbles and powdered sugar, this was a true treat. It's perfect if you have a sweet tooth, and great for having a slice and sharing the rest if you don't. I've had a few dessert pizzas before, but I'd never had one so complex nor seen a menu with so many options. And the fact that you can pick these up anytime? That's dangerous.

Peanut Butter Cup Pizza

Overall when deciding where to eat in the Revere area, or if you're just looking for something out of the ordinary to indulge in, the choice is Easy.

What do you think about giant tots and dessert pizza? Let me know in the comments!